Andrew Hymas - Media Professional

Honors and Experiences

I have been privileged to work with some incredible people, and our efforts have earned us some recognition. While I am proud of all the work that I do, these are some of the biggest milestones that I have marked in my career thus far.

As one of the producers on “Greatest Inventions with Bill Nye”, I received an Emmy Award in the “Outstanding Children’s Series” category. It was only because of the exceptional team of writers, editors, and producers at Tapestry International that this was possible. For more about this award and how it came to be, please see the Emmy Award page.
In recognition of my hard work as an undergraduate at Boston College, I was inducted into the Golden Key National Honor Society. Membership is by invitation only and is extended to students in recognition of outstanding academic achievement. My education has been the foundation of my career, and this honor reflects the value it will have for the rest of my life.
In 2006, Therefore Productions was a finalist in the AMEX/Tribeca Film Festival 15-Second Clips Competition. As a prize, Martin Scorsese and M. Night Shyamalan watched our video and we were awarded a special edition iPod. Our entry was titled “My Biggest Challenge is a Pirate’s Life”, which I wrote and shot.
One of my proudest personal accomplishments was becoming an Eagle Scout. It taught me the value of teamwork, leadership, and the power that people have to make a positive difference in their world. Those lessons have helped me time and again in my career, especially when working as a producer or coordinator for a team of people.
In October 2008, I was given the opportunity to work as a Deputy Field Organizer with the Barack Obama campaign. It meant having to leave home and travel to the battleground state of Ohio, but I was thrilled to be participating in this historic event. Even though the hours were long and the work was tiring, it was a fantastic and happy experience.